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How To Prevent Shoplifting And Additional Business Security Tips In Bozeman

December 03, 2021

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Preventing theft is a big effort for the preponderance of companies -- even more so for smaller retail stores. The truth of the matter is that not every business can handle the cost around-the-clock security professionals or other pricey ways to combat thieves. Nevertheless, there are some effective and economical means to prevent shoplifting in Bozeman to help safeguard your financial health.

Here are some Bozeman business security tips that are easy to implement and won’t scare off your regular clientele.

Consider A Wireless Security Installation

The most critical aspect of your wireless security system is having equipment that you're capable of using after it's been set up. A set of connected wireless surveillance cameras is a wise place to begin and will prove invaluable when keeping a careful observation of your premises. It's recommended to choose devices that feature wide-angle lenses, full HD resolution, infrared technology, and motion sensoring to identify nefarious actions. Hang a camera above the entrance and benefit from a complete picture of your shop, but don't forget to put surveillance components pointed toward the cash register and stockroom. These are prime locations for shoplifters and can make your staff feel more secure when helping shoppers.

Then round out your basic security with intrusion sensors at susceptible entryways within your location. The best protection plan comes with 24/7 monitoring, which responds to any alarm in a matter of moments. You should also have a set up that uses a mobile app, so you are able to look into the status of your business whenever you want.

Display Notifications About Your Store’s Protection

The best Bozeman business security tips are often straightforward but effective. For instance, displaying signage about your property’s protection at the entrance of your location and by the point-of-sale stations is often a worthwhile deterrent in preventing shoplifting. As a the owner of a business, you need to be forthright with shoppers, staff, and partners that your premises and products are protected. The simple announcement that you are watching might dissuade a potential shoplifter from considering a crime.

Limit Access To Specific Areas With Smart Locking Systems

When you restrict admittance to spaces like storerooms and loading docks, you reduce the number of places where shoplifting can occur. A swinging door or simple curtain simply don’t work, as you can’t secure them. However, if you incorporate a smart lock on your entrances, you have an extra layer of security for your non-public spaces. Then give every single member of your team a unique code, so if they ever turn in their resignation, you can remove their access number.

Insufficient Lighting and Crowded Displays Increase The Likelihood Of Shoplifting

Shoplifting is easier when petty criminals can loiter in poorly lit spaces. In addition, shoplifting goes up with crowded racks and bargain bins. Christmas sales and other large promotions are especially prone to presentations that are hard to manage. You may also find that clearance items are frequently placed on a less conspicuous display, which means they can be easily slid into a pocket or bag without notice.

When you have a rack with items constantly falling off, reduce the amount to 2/3rds. That might appear to be a little drastic, but you will have the chance later to rearrange as needed. Keep in mind, you have a greater chance of spotting a missing item when you have the ability to view a gaping hole in your arrangement.

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Start Protecting Your Retail Location With The Best Wireless Security System

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